Quality Products at Factory Prices

We provide best prices on any Product weather you are buying products for resale or for personal use, we provide quality profits at factory direct wholesale prices. We serve as global source to buying products directly from the best and the most trusted manufacturers from India, Pakistan, China, Thailand and Hongkong.

  • Customer Benefits:
  • Quicker Delivery
  • Factory Prices
  • More than 3000 Products to Choose from
  • Availability of Stock


Merchandising Facility

Our highly motivated team delivers direct, face-to-face sales and promotional activities that educate and influence customers at the point of purchase in all leading hypermarkets and Supermarkets.

Promotional Offers

We pride ourselves on the various and continuous trading promotions made available in all leading hypermarkets and Supermarkets. No matter what’s the size of your business, you will be sure to find best promotional offer to suit your trading style.

Pressure Cooker Repairs Undertaken

We are equipped to service and repair all types of Indian Pressure Cookers at our Retail Outlet Located in Deira.

  • Khiara Traders (Household & HORECA Supply)
  • Show Room NO.1
  • Al Yasmeen Building
  • Near Abu Hail Metro Station, Salahuddin Road
  • Abuhail, Deira, Dubai.